Celina misses love in her life  

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Being single for more than three years, actress Celina Jaitely is missing love in her life. Now when everything is going great she wants to fall in love once again.
After having steady relationship for two and a half years Celina broke up with her California based boyfriend Sean Teague. After that though she has been linked with her co stars she claims to be single after her break up

According to her, she is not ready for marriage but she would like to be in love once again. “I am not really ready for marriage as it’s really incredible but I would definitely like love in my life. I don’t deny that. But marriage, I am not ready for such a strong commitment at this age.”After being single for more than three years Celina is missing love in her life. She reveals, “I would love to enjoy the feeling of being in love. I am single for almost three and a half year. I am in love with of idea of being in love more than falling in love because I think I have read so many Mills And Boons thus I like their style and the whole idea of love.”She continues, “I don’t know who is in store for me to share my life with. But I have a feeling that he is very close. I am getting those vibes over the last month. I hope love comes soon because besides love everything is going great in life. My career is going well I have seven films for release. I really miss having love in my life and I hope it comes soon

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