Paris Hilton Says She Isn’t Dumb, But An Actor  

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Paris Hilton says she isn’t dumb—she’s just playing a character. Got that? Paris is an artist expressing herself through the medium of reality television, crappy music, and a hair extension line. Oh, and perfume. Paris recently told reporters she thought the prime minister of Great Britain was television personality Gordon Ramsey and that she had no idea what a “pint” was—”is that alcohol,” she asked?

She told Heat magazine via Fametastic that, alas, she’s just trapped in her self-created heir-head character.
I’m embarrased to admit how many interviews I’
ve read of Paris Hilton, and she always talks about sitting at home in sweat pants.

Why doens’t she try it sometime? I feel like every morning there’s a fresh Paris party pic just gleaming from my laptop.

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