LivingSocial Adds iPhone App Reviews to its Facebook Apps  

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LivingSocial, the social discovery tool for sharing your favorite media items, has just added another category to its growing list of sections. iPhone apps is now available to users and site visitors seeking additional information on a given application for the popular mobile device. To go along with the new category is a Facebook application, which lets you access the majority of LivingSocial’s features for finding, rating and reviewing iPhone apps directly from your Facebook account.

The new category may seem like a tiny addition in the grand scheme of things, but the searchable database is easier to use than the Apple Store. If you’ve ever found yourself frustrated in trying to find a particular application for your iPhone or iPod touch, then you may appreciate the social way in which LivingSocial has enabled search, ratings and reviews.

-LivingSocial iPhone Application Screenshot-It always boggled me; why hasn’t Apple improved its store, made it more social or more usable from a consumer standpoint? Especially when searching for content directly from your iPhone or iPod Touch, the searchability and recommendations through the Apple Store leave a lot to be desired. So LivingSocial has taken it upon itself to make the act of finding an iPhone app that’s suitable for you an easier task. Since the company takes a more social approach, you can choose to see the applications your friends have used or simply see what apps come recommended by other users. If you see one you like, you can be redirected to the Apple Store for purchase and/or download.

The recent updates made to LivingSocial also make the new iPhone category more accessible and more readily social–LivingSocial has its own iPhone application and has also added support for Facebook connect this week. These additional access points and integration with existing networks and devices also helps to curb some of the usability issues I just mentioned with searching for iPhone apps directly from the Apple store.

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