Konkona Sen paired opposite Ranbir Kapoor  

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Konkona Sen who has been paired opposite Farhan Akhtar in Luck By Chance is also paired up wit Ranbir Kapoor in their forthcoming film Wake Up Sid. She looks quite good with Farhan but people find Konkona and Ranbir pair odd. “I didn’t think it was odd. But I guess it’s because we come from completely different schools. It’s like mixing two very different things.

It makes things more interesting,” she says matter-of-factly.
Obviously, it’s the same reason why Konkona has never worked with the big stars like the three Khans and Akshay Kumar. “Firstly, I’ve never been offered a role opposite them. That’s because I usually do the arty/realistic cinema while they mostly do the mainstream masala entertaining films. When I signed a film with Ranbir, people were stunned. I think they’ll die of a heart attack if I do a film with the Khans.” She has worked with several female directors like her mother Aparna Sen and Mira Nair before, but she disagrees that women can add a different perspective to a film. “There’s no difference between men and women directors. I have met some obnoxious women and overly sensitive men. Gender doesn’t matter too much,” she stresses.

Tell her that people feel she’s uncomfortable with her profession and interaction with the media and Konkona dismisses it. “I’m very comfortable being in this profession. I speak to the media when I have to talk about a film. When I’m not doing a film what will I talk to the media about? Yes, it’s not like one loves everything about one’s job 24/7. Some interviews are stimulating and interesting while some ask the same old stupid questions. Then you have to show good grace to answer them,” she says. Does too much attention get to her? “Sometimes it can test your nerve.

I don’t need attention. I’m quite easy and comfortable. I roam around in my pajamas everywhere and do my own thing. It’s not like I have Hrithik Roshan’s kind of stardom. So I don’t have any crazed fans. They don’t bug me. What’s the point if you can’t live the way you want to.”

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