Kareena’s newest dramatic make up  

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Kareena Kapoor has had broken friendships and many squabbles with people in the course of her 9 years in Bollywood. Blame it on her ‘I don’t care for anybody attitude’ or just circumstances. It happened with Bipasha and her once upon a time good friends Rani and Esha Deol (though she still has to make up with them) and some others.

The latest to join the list is bad boy Salman Khan. The buzz is that the twosome shared a great rapport during the making of ‘Kyon Ki’. Though the film didn’t fare so well at the box office, their friendship remained intact. But it went sour by and by because of Bebo’s ex beau Shahid. There were major differences between Shahid and Salman, during the 2006 Rock Stars concert. Bebo had to either side with Shahid or Salman and she obviously had to be with her boyfriend. But since now she has been openly dating Saif Ali Khan for more than a year, many thought that things between she and Salman would also improve. But it wasn’t all that easy. While starting to shoot for ‘Main Aur Mrs. Khanna’ the vibes between the two were not so warm.

So uncomfortable were they that they would head to their vans once the scene was over.
When it came to discussing a scene, the director would have to individually sit down with them and discuss the setting. But the chemistry on screen is pretty sizzling, it’s been said. But one fine day Bebo decided to break the ice. When an intricate scene was to be shot, she decided to walk up to Salman and asked him to discuss the scene with him.

Though proud man Sallu bhai was taken aback, he cooperated. It’s been said that Saif Ali Khan helped to ease tensions too.
They were seen laughing and giggling. Sister Karisma was present too and was happy for them as she’s been friends with Salman for years too. So if all goes well, the positive effects of this dramatic make up will be visible on the screen in ‘Main aur Mrs. Khanna’! Wait and watch.

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