Actress Emily Blunt Says Queen Victoria Lived As If She Was In A Well  

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Britain's Queen Victoria was so stifled it was as if she "lived in a well." Emily Blunt - who portrays the monarch during her early years in upcoming biopic "The Young Victoria" - says the royal's life was so controlled she felt like she was in a deep hole with no way out.

Emily said: "She was sort of living at the bottom of a well, not allowed to think for herself. It's amazing she fell into the role of queen as well as she did."
The 25-year-old actress has also revealed how she discovered the former ruler's firey temper, especially towards her husband Albert - played by Rupert Friend in the movie. Emily added to Britain's The Daily Mail newspaper: "Their relationship was very tempestuous in their first year." "

They had blazing fights. I've read the letters written by ladies-in-waiting who told of her screaming reverberating around the castle and Albert following her around as she bellowed."
"Her temper came from her father, but she also had a great capacity to love - although she was slightly obsessive about Albert. He saved her and she never forgot it." "The Young Victoria" opens in the U.K. in March

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