Facebook Makes Photo Comments Opt-Out  

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In a small addition to Facebook today, the company launched a new feature which turns photo comments into news feed stories. Previously, I believe that photo comments were automatically published to user feeds but now you have the ability to opt-out of that feed story. This is an addition which emphasizes Facebook’s ongoing commitment to user privacy. Earlier today I commented on one of my friend’s photos and it was automatically posted to my news feed.

Had it been a photo of the crazy party I was at last night, it may not have been the most professional to display that photo comment within my news feed. What would be one other nice feature is the ability to turn off friends being notified of me being tagged in photos.
Often times users are put in a challenging position when having to explain why they were tagged at an event where they should have been, with somebody they shouldn’t have been hanging out with, or simply doing something that didn’t positively reflect their personal image.

Often times photos can have a much larger impact on a relationship than even a relationship status.
While this isn’t a huge change, it assists users with keeping certain activities private. Have you chosen not to comment on a photo before because of the resulting feed story? Worry no more because Facebook now lets you opt-out of the feed story, so you can rest soundly at night knowing that your professional contacts are unaware of some of the less professional activities you’ve been involved in.

Alternatively, if the photo is not of you, but you’d like to leave a comment which doesn’t reflect positively outside of a small circle, you can now feel more comfortable doing so. Thanks to Jeffrey Paul for the tip!

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