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Should you ever wish to keep fully posted on how the new Obama administration is remaking Washington D.C., a visit to this new online resource is more than likely to dispel any doubts you might have. Basically, this site acts as a directory that provides a comprehensive outlook on the personalities and players that make up the nation’s capital.

This directory can be browsed by choosing the pertinent profile from the provided drop down menu. This includes Administration Officials, Members of Congress and Barack Obama advisers. Of course, you can also carry out both regular and advanced searches in order to streamline proceedings. For its part, the site highlights the most viewed profiles on its main page. You don’t need to ask who is on first. In final place, a blog that goes by the name of “The Plum Line” is featured for you to learn about the latest developments and news as regards the country and the political path that is being blazed by the new administration. All in all, this site is a very interesting resource if only because it provides centralized and concrete information on personalities and matters that every American should stay abreast of. Consider paying it a visit to see how much you already know, and catch up to the latest news.

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