The Ultimate Clipboard Manager for all your copy paste work  

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Clipboard is an inbuilt program of windows which is used for all the copy / paste we do. Anytime you copy a folder , its is sored in clipboard and is used once you do a paste.

ArsClip is built on top of this clipboard program to keep track of entries, customize it etc. This gives you more control on Windows Clipboard so that you can use it much more efficiently and effectively.

Arsclip Clipboard preview

Features :

  • ArsClip monitors the clipboard and keeps track of the entries. So next time you need to paste the same information you don’t redo all the steps to get it back.
  • Your last copy information is never lost.
  • You can have set of information always available for you. Lets say your address which you might need to fill in at web forms many a time.
  • You can copy Picture, RichText, File Copy, Unicode, HTML support and it will work the exact way windows works.
  • Get a preview of the copied information when you hover the list.
  • Highly configurable and simple to use.

This tool is free of any cost . Download it from here and let us know how you making use of this program.

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