Top 20 Up & Coming Facebook Apps for January 26, 2009  

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Several new applications are showing up on our radar this week that are growing quickly on the Facebook Platform.

NameMAUGainGain, %↓Developer
1.You are GORGEOUS234,606+196,394+514.0You are Gorgeous
2.Water Gun Fight!132,228+75,056+131.3
3.Online Friends226,703+118,381+109.3Jose Dos Santos
4.Send Prosperity287,409+139,104+93.8Martin Wee
5.Team Australia Fans141,420+64,590+84.1Watercooler
6.School Vandals140,036+56,029+66.7Player Axis, Inc.
7.Chinese Astrology!344,290+125,919+57.7Pluckysoft Inc.
8.Addicted to Lost108,371+39,469+57.3Watercooler
9.Mardi Gras249,793+86,935+53.4
10.Pittsburgh Steelers Fans280,602+97,600+53.3Watercooler
11.Are you spoiled?168,382+53,400+46.4
12.The Pink Ribbon720,152+227,776+46.3The Pink Ribbon
13.Shopaholic Magazine150,957+47,512+45.9
15.Send Cute Hearts134,206+40,633+43.4
16.Always Athletes342,804+102,985+42.9
17.Boston Red Sox Fans119,250+35,760+42.8Watercooler
18.Pool Practice143,935+39,143+37.4
20.Team Great Britain Fans261,897+70,259+36.7Watercooler

But first, here is this week’s complete list of Top 20 fastest-growing mid-sized applications on Facebook from AppData. These are the top apps in the 100K-1M monthly user range with the highest MAU growth in the last week.

As you can see, You Are Gorgeous skyrocketed this week to nearly a quarter million users. It’s a simple game where users pick which friends to tell they think are gorgeous. However, the app appears to force
users to send 10 invites to see their rank, so we wouldn’t be surprised if Facebook forces this app to change behavior when its policy enforcement team gets wind of things. When that happens, You Are Gorgeous is likely to settle back down.


Also appearing in the top 10 for the first time this week is School Vandals, a “team” game that pits students at different schools against each other developed by Player Axis. While it’s been around for a while, it really saw growth pick up this week.

Showing up at #2 this week is Water Gun Fight - which, as you might expect - is a social game/communication utility that lets friends shoot virtual water pistols at each other and earn points. The game has been growing more quickly in recent weeks and has reached over 130,000 people in the

last 30 days.


Watercooler continued to place multiple applications in the Top 20 again this week, with Team Austrailia Fans, Addicted to Lost, Pittsburgh Steelers Fans, Boston Red Sox Fans, and Team Great Britain Fans all rallying tens of thousands more faithful friends this week. (Note: I work with Watercooler.) Making its first appearance in the top 10 is Addicted to Lost, which grew to over 100,000 monthly active users this week after the season premiere of season 5.

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