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Cruises are directly associated with the leisure activity of cruising. It refers to traveling, staying and living in a ship, with all kinds of luxury. Cruises are associated with seas and oceans, but river cruises are also getting popular. The ships sail through exotic locations, while the people enjoy themselves in the atmosphere, with full luxury and comfort. The ships or large boats in certain cases of river cruises are equipped with beautifully decorated cabins.

These cabins are provided with beds, toilets and other things for convenience. There are facilities for doctors, nurses, and other emergency services. The food is one of the best of its kind, and is prepared keeping different tourists in mind. These cruises are available all through the year, and cover different locations in the world. Today almost all the developing countries in the world, with a coastline provide the facility of cruises. Many of these cruises are booked for a longer period, and can extend up to a few weeks. Exploring the oceans and seas in a luxury cruise is one of the best holidays that a person can desire.

Today cruising has become a popular holiday for many people around the world. Cruises are available for several destinations, but the most popular destinations are Singapore, Australia, Sri Lanka, South Pacific Islands and the Netherlands. On the western coast the popular cruise destinations are Gulf of California in winter and the islands of Washington State in summer. Cruising has become very popular in America.

There is a huge rush for Central America Cruises along the Pacific coast. Here the climate is humid with lush vegetation. Here the tourists also get the opportunity of scuba diving, or can traverse the Panama Canal. River cruising is gaining popularity, as sea and ocean many fear cruising. In the United States the river cruises is a real treat, as the boats sail through the scenic locales of America.

The cruising season begins in March till May and again from September to November. Humans knew ships since very long time but deep sea traveling was not much popular. These were thought to be suitable for sailors and other travelers. With the passage of year's man started becoming adventurous and fearless and slowly started navigating the deep seas.

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