Apple Will Soon Venture Into The Motor World  

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We did not expect a concept to make such an impact. We are talking about the concept electric vehicle of the future called iMo which has been designed by Anthony Jannarelly. What better proof can you get than the apple branding that we have known to rely on for the past so many years.
A small and versatile machine that not only accommodates two people, this one also keeps ecology in mind. The iMo is a self-driving car running on two wheels. So far only a concept, the car is yet to become a reality but it has already caught attention of eco-car experts across the world for its simple design, cutting-edge technology and elegant solution. The vehicle has great usability due to its compact size, which allows it to move briskly amidst saturated roads. But word is that it will be 2024 by the time the iMo hits the roads. Frankly, we can wait for who wouldn’t want to go for a spin in a vehicle that is managed by a holographic interface that depends on gesture recognition!

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