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Not often do you see Mr. Bachchan discussing his relationship with his son Abhishek Bachchan with the media men. But when he does, he speaks about how he admires Abhishek as a person and how they’ve raised him up as an ordinary guy and not the son of the superstar of India.
“”I have not contributed to the fact that I am a star. My son Abhishek and I want to do away with the word star. We are ordinary folks. My relationship with my son is personal and domesticated. Even before Abhishek was born, I had made up my mind that if I ever had a son he would be my friend. Abhishek is as balanced and down-to-earth by nature as I would expect anyone from our family to be. “While acting, we do not follow any particular routine or concepts - we both leave it to the director.

In fact, Abhishek had a very normal upbringing. Jaya and I have never tried to do anything special for him. We did not produce any movie to secure him a toehold in the industry. He has never felt propped up - all that he has done has been on his own,” Bachchan said.
Further listing the virtues of his son, Bachchan said Abhishek possesses sharp powers of observation and reaction,” reports a source.

Abhishek has a lot of admirers… Priyanka Chopra once said she is completely floored by Abhishek - the way he talks and behaves speaks loads about how good his upbringing is.

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