AMD sees distinction between netbooks and laptops vanishing  

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Before you get all riled up, remember, this is just a man in a suit speaking his mind. Got it? Good. On AMD's most recent earnings call, CEO Dirk Meyer casually confessed that "the distinction between what is a netbook and what is a laptop is going to go away," and he continued by saying that there would be "a continuum of price points and form factors." Now, we're not about to believe that the whole note book category will simply dry up and vanish in the near future -- much to the chagrin of Psion Teklogix, we assume -- but it's not like we haven't heard equally odd remarks from the CEOs of intel and rim. On second thought, shove a Core 2 Quad CPU, twin GPUs and 4GB of RAM into a Mini 10 chassis while nixing any and all heat issues, and you can call it whatever you damn well please.

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