Man Killed in Mobile Phone Explosion  

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Here's one more reason to stay away from those spurious batteries.

A 20 year-old Chinese youngster died when a battery inside the phone he was carrying in his pocket exploded, severing his arteries leading to massive blood loss and eventual death. According to some reports, the person had recently changed his phone battery and had charged the same moments before the fatal accident. The accident occurred in front of a Lenovo store in Guangzhou, China.

Exploding phone batteries are not a new phenomenon. However, fatalities from such occurrences are rare and this one just might be the worst ever recorded. The incident also makes us wonder if it is really worth saving money when it comes to batteries. While we still do not have details regarding the phone or the kind of battery that was involved in the incident, it is likely that this might be one of those cheap duplicate batteries.

We hope your plans to invest in a "cheaper" option might have been thwarted by this unfortunate incident

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