Slumdog kids get ready for the Oscars  

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Slumdog kidsChild artistes Mohammed Azharuddin’s and Rubina Ali are getting their passports done and visas done for their visit to the Oscars.

The Slumdog kids, as they are known these days, are supposed to go to Los Angeles for the Oscars.

Rubina has said, “Not in my dreams did I ever think that I will go to America. I have to buy clothes and shoes for the award ceremony.”

Azhar has added, “Even I would not have ever thought this but I am really happy. I have to thank Danny uncle as I am going to America.”

They have been assured of their passports but the Visa formalities are yet to be settled and it remains to be seen whether these kids can actually make it to the Oscars or not.

Meanwhile the controversy surrounding the compensation given to the child actors for the film continues. Producer Christian Colson says that the family was given money from a fund set up to build a new home but the parents deny it.

Azhar’s father Mohammed Ismail, a TB patient says, “Just provide us with a house, we don’t want any car or money.”

We hope there’ll indeed be a brighter tomorrow for these kids post the Oscars.

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