Palm Pre’s New Video and Features at Mobile World Congress!  

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i just can’t have enough of Palm Pre and with every demo and video Palm releases it makes me want it even more (by the way, we have already written to Pre’s PR agency for a review/test device and we’ve been asked to wait. Fingers crossed!).

Palm showed the new GSM version of Pre at Mobile World Congress with a Vodaphone SIM in it which fuels the rumor’s of Vodafone being the official carrier of Pre in Europe. Well there is not much to speculate now is it?

Anyway, that’s not it. Palm also released a new video showing of few new features like multiplecalendar integration with weather information, GTalk on-screen popup, Browser functionality to share and add to launcher capabilities, Autofill/Contact search, etc..

Palm’s webOS is the most refreshing piece of mobile software which is amazingly intuitive, fast and FUN!

The best part is that Palm has joined the Open Screen Project at Adobe Systems to bring flash capabilities to Palm (Take that APPLE!) which enables Pre users to access loads of already available Flash content on the web.

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