A chilling action sequence for the climax of ‘Kites’  

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sources say the climax of Hrithik Roshan’s romantic thriller ‘Kites’ has a nail-biting action sequence inspired from ‘Bad Boys 2’ and ‘Gone in 60 Seconds’. Director Anurag Basu recently shot a difficult action sequence in Santa Fe in New Mexico. The scene required around a month of preparation and was shot over three days.

The scene was initially directed by Dick Ziker, but the Roshans weren’t quite pleased with his work and reshot the scene with action director Spiro Razatos and they were happy with the final result.

It is a scene similar to Bad Boys 2 where the villain pushes cars off an automobile mover (the vehicle that transports cars from the factory to the dealer) during a car chase. The rented a garage for a month where he kept second-hand cars that he purchased. These cars were modified to make them look new.

No, wonder, the film’s marketing and distribution rights have reportedly been sold for a whopping amount of Rs. 110 crores to Anil Ambani’s Big Pictures.

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