Casio Exilim 9MP Digital Camera  

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Choose Your Own Point Spread

Greetings, gridiron enthusiasts, mid-level advertising executives, hot-wing addicts, and jockstrap fanciers!

Congrats, (Pittsburgh/Arizona) fans, on your (unprecedented sixth/first-ever) supervictory! Some game tonight, huh? Of course, we wrote this long before the (Steel Curtain/Big Red) took the trophy in a (nail-biting, heart-stopping thriller that will go down in history/dull blowout that nobody will remember by March). But as diehard fair-weather fans, we’re still hitching our wagon to the (red-and-white/black-and-yellow)! Check out our new (Warner/Roethlisberger) jersey. This is truly one of the finest moments since (our team joined the NFL way back in 1933/our team was bribed to move to Arizona in 1988).

What better way to (celebrate your team’s victory/soothe your disappointment) than with the hollow, primitive high of acquisition? A fistful of these Casio Exilim EX-Z85 9MP Digital Camera will go nicely with (the thrill of victory/the agony of defeat). Not only does the Exilim’s wide video-shooting function let you shoot 30 fps video in 16:9 at 848×480, but they’re also pretty decent still cameras, with 9.1 megapixels and 3x optical zoom. And they’re available in your choice of five colors, although not in (Cardinal red/Steeler black). Guess we know who Casio wasn’t rooting for! In your face, Casio!

And hey, how about that halftime show? We were truly inspired by the Boss’s renditions of (those old classics from his early albums/those instant classics from his new album), especially the one about (the frustrated young lovers yearning to transcend their mundane lives on the Jersey shore/the unemployed steelworker). And everybody will be talking about that (sax solo/wardrobe malfunction) at the office tomorrow. Truly a magical evening…well, except for those(stupid/stupid) GoDaddy commercials.

Warranty: 1 Year Casio


  • 9.1 Megapixel Resolution
  • Easy Mode helps set your camera to take sharp photos every time without checking presets or fumbling with adjustments. With “easy menus” in 3 settings (image size, flash and self-timer), Easy Mode assures that crisp, first-rate photos result each time you click the shutter
  • Auto Shutter functions programs your camera to detect the perfect time to snap your picture, make blurry pictures a thing of the past
  • Enhanced Video H.264 Wide, H.264 technology delivers superior-quality video, providing 30 frames per second at 640×480, which can be easily viewed on most video-sharing websites. With the wide video-shooting function (16:9 ratio 848X480), the Exilim plays true to your plasma or LCD television, regardless of size
  • Drag and Drop Videos into iTunes, easier than ever to bring your photos and videos to your Apple devices. No more converting files. Simply drag and drop directly into iTunes and upload them in seconds to your iPod or iPhone
  • Prerecord Video Mode, never worry about “just missing” a moment. With the Prerecord Video Mode, feature, your camera is recording video before you even press the button. In Prerecord Video Mode, the Exilim captures 5 seconds of video and saves it into memory then adds it to your video when you press the shutter. Neve

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