Jessica Alba’s Baby Honor Marie Warren’s Photos  

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Jessica Alba and her baby girl, Honor Marie Warren at the park earlier this week. Honor Marie is soo adorable. She was born in early June so that makes her about seven and a half months old and looking smarter than mamma and daddy,Cash Warren combined together.

Honor could snap at her parents one day when she’s older for giving her such an odd name but having genes like Jessica’s and Cash’s, she can’t complain, can she? Well, as long as she doesn’t end up looking like her maternal grandma.. just kidding. Hey, aren’t we all superficial here? Have you seen a woman larger than the norm voted the sexiest ever? Not in our generation at least.

Mommy, Jessica has always been regarded as one of the sexiest women in the world and boy, was I scared that the diva in her could have caused her to dump Warren. She did for a short while, didn’t she? They got back together and even got hitched. I likeCash, he’s soo wholesome, he looks to be a keeper. In case if you didn’t know whatCash looks like, I have included a picture of him and one of Jessica’s mother.

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