Big B's wait for an autograph  

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Can u believe that once Amitabh Bachchan was not given an autograph by the legendry Dilip Kumar? Well it is true. Do not jump into conclusions as at that time Big B was a young fellow who had come to Mumbai as a tourist.

The unfolding of events during Mr.Bachchan's meeting with Dilip Kumar in 1960 makes up for an interesting reading material.

Check it out from the film star's own words:

"I remember the first time I ever saw him. I had come to Bombay as a visitor with my parents. My father was here to take part in a Kavi Sammelan. Our hosts had taken us out to visit some of the awe inspiring sights and locations of this great city, which for small time and small town me had been like a dream, a fantasy, unperceivable and unimaginable.

It was a prominent restaurant, in now what is commonly referred to as South Bombay, where Dilip Kumar, the Dilip Kumar, walked in. Standing majestically some distance from the entrance door in conversation with some friends, animated and oblivious to the excited occupants of the eatery.

Urged by the elders and eager to go up and greet him and to ask him to oblige us with an autograph, I ran out of the restaurant to a nearby stationary store to buy an autograph book.

Out of breath with excitement and apprehension, I walked back to the legend and softly put up my request. Poised statue like, hand extended with the book, I repeated my quivering words to him. He remained unmoved. Either to me or to the book. In a short while, he turned and left. I followed his departure, book in hand and a little embarrassed and self-conscious and disappointed, returned to my seat, consoled by the elders with me not to take it personally. He may not have noticed you, or perhaps he was too busy with what was transpiring between him and is friends. I understood with some trepidation. End of meeting with Dilip Kumar.

Time passed. The premier of my film 'Black' and I am honored by the presence of Dilip Saheb at the IMAX in Wadala for it.. After the film was over, I found him waiting outside the theatre for me to emerge. I walked up to him. He stretched out his hands to me and held both of mine and stood looking me in the eye, without saying a word. An eternity passed. No one spoke.

They were the most eloquent moments in my life with Mr Dilip Kumar!!

Two days later a letter came from him applauding my work. And signed, DILIP KUMAR

After 46 years I got the autograph I had craved for.

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