Adnan's wife loses property case in court  

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The Mumbai High Court Tuesday dismissed the plea of singer Adnan Sami's wife Sabah that he and his parents be evicted from the house they all presently live in. Adnan says he will fight the matter out with her in whichever court she appeals. "It has been a traumatic time for me, what with my father lying critically ill in the same house that my wife wanted me out of. I was determined to have my parents stay in my house. Now the honourable court has dismissed my wife's plea to have us out. The honourable judge said this case belongs to the courts dealing with domestic cases, not the High Court. If Sabah decides to appeal I'm ready to give her a long and gruelling battle ahead. I'm a lawyer, remember?" Adnan told IANS. Sabah had filed for divorce and, among other things, she had complained that he plays his "music too loud". Trouble started last month when a non-cognisable offence was registered against Adnan at the Oshiwara police station here after Sabah accused him of "mental and physical torture". The Pakistani singer was then summoned to the police station and warned against misbehaving with his wife in future. Adnan had earlier said Sabah never wanted his parents staying in their house. He is firm about fighting the legal battle right to the finish. "She wanted to take away my home and dog. If she had her way she'd snatch away my father as well. When my frail father heard that the High Court had ruled in my favour, he opened his eyes, smiled and closed them again. That smile is all the vindication I needed," he said.

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