Why China Doesn’t have the iPhone  

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You’re familiar with the rumors about Flash on the iPhone, every week a new date for when Flash will show up on the iPhone pops up. The second most rumored iPhone event is the iPhone showing up in China. And if Apple wants to sell the iPhone in China he company wants to partner with China Mobile the largest cell provider in China by a long shot.

Turns out that China Mobile wants more control than Apple is willing to give. According to The Washington Post the latest round of negotiations broke down over who would sell apps to customers. As you would imagine Apple wanted the direct to consumer sales model the company enjoys everywhere the iPhone is sold but China Mobile saw that move as giving Apple too much power and rejected the idea. With 72% of the market and 634 million subscribers China Mobile can swing a big stick.

You’ll know Apple finally capitulated to China Mobile’s demands when the iPhone goes officially on sale in Chine. But don’t hold your breath.

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