VEXplorer RC Robotic Construction System  

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They, Robot

Who doesn’t like robots? We’ll tell you who: the devil. And not that cool devil you hear about from rock stars. The devil who makes you do your homework and won’t give you ice cream.

We’ve had some time to play with the Innovation First VEXplorer RC Robotic Construction System, and we have to say that we’re saddened by how Innovation ignored everything we know about robots thanks to movies and television. Here’s a list of everything the Innovation First VEXplorer RC Robotic Construction System gets wrong.

1) NO ASIMOV RULES. When you’re dealing with a living creature with tools like “The Claw” and “The Arm”, you have to assume that at some point, it is going to want to kill everyone. So the first thing we did after we got the Innovation First VEXplorer RC Robotic Construction System out of the box is try to murder the postman. It didn’t work, because the postman was a former Marine who apparently has six black belts, but that’s not the point. The point is, it COULD have worked, and that’s the kind of danger humanity can’t afford. What if we’d used one of those rays that makes robots grow to hundreds of feet tall? Then what could have stopped us? Innovation, keep this in mind for next time, okay?

2) THE ROBOT DOESN’T WANT TO BE HUMAN. It takes about an hour to build your first Innovation First VEXplorer RC Robot, and in that whole time, not once did we hear “Humans are most fascinating” or “My superior All Terrain Tires are nothing compared to the concept of love, which I cannot understand even a little bit even though I have memorized every word ever written on the subject”. That’s a huge mistake. Without the pre-programed desire to be human, how can we feel superior? Half the fun of having a robot is looking right into that 150 foot range Spycam and laughing at how much better you are and always will be. Don’t keep bragging about how the VEXplorer is used in robotics classes ranging from junior high schools to Carnegie Mellon University. Teach this thing it will never be good enough no matter how hard it tries.

3) THE ROBOT HAS NO LASERS. This one is pretty straight forward. We’re not gonna be that hard on you here, Innovation, because we know lasers cost money, but at least give us a sticker that says “Laser Goes Here”. Or “Laser Doesn’t Go Here” if you’re worried about lawsuits. With over 300 parts, how are we supposed to know where to put the aftermarket laser? And by aftermarket, we mean please don’t tell anyone that we stole an industrial strength laser. We hid it under the giant Ken Jennings head. Shhh.

Except for those glaringly obvious details, the Innovation First VEXplorer RC Robotic Construction System is a pretty cool way to make a robot that you can then drive around using the six channel hobby-class transmitter. But honestly, Innovation, don’t act like you really understand what robots are until you do a little more homework. Maybe watch a few hours of this for next time. Okay? Okay.

Warranty: 90 Day Revell

Authorized for SquareTrade Extended Warranty


  • Build it in less than an hour – With preassembled modules you can build your first robot in less than an hour, then tear it down and build your own robot with your imagination, creativity, and own hands.
  • Endless Configurations – With over 300 parts, VEXplorer can be built in endless configurations. Or design it on the computer using the free Solid Works Design system available with purchase!
  • VEXplorer is a robotic system with a pedigree – VEXplorer is part of the VEX Robotics Design System, used internationaly in junior high, high School and college robotics classes. Classroom curriculum is available from the astute folks at intelitek and the Robotics Academy at Carnegie Mellon University. Vex won the best of innovation award at the 2006 International Consumer Electronics show and is used in many school robotics competitions around the world.

Included are features found in no other robotic system:

  • The Spycam” – see and hear what you want, and maybe in places you shouldn’t up to 150 feet
  • “The Claw” – build it to pick up a soda can, or a feather. Mount it horizontal or vertical to grab what you want.
  • “The Arm” – servo motors let you manipulate the action to reach high, low, and in-between.
  • All Terrain Tires – Go anywhere, inside or outside, with six heavy-duty, gear-driven wheels
  • 6-channel hobby-class transmitter – 4 analog and 2 digital channels offer maximum flexibility to control servos and provide exceptional stability to avoid frequency drift.
  • Requires one "9V" and 10 "AA" batteries, not included. Measures 6" x 13" x 22".


  • Over 300 parts in all
  • 6-channel radio with 150' range
  • Four servo motors
  • 24 gears
  • All-terrain tires
  • Tons of coated, heavy metal parts
  • Tools, screws, nuts, bolts
  • Spycam that submits live transmissions to any TV or computer
  • Spycam receiver to connect to a TV or computer

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