Thinktank Technology Bookmark LED Light – 3 Pack - $1.99  

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The ol’ lady and I were really buttin’ heads there for a while. “You don’t appreciate me!” she’d yowl. “You aren’t sensitive to my needs!”

So what do I do? I get some of those books, you know, like to learn about dames and how come they make a fella crazy alla time. You gotta know some psychology, it turns out, see? I got that one about how men are from Mars and girls go to Jupiter to get more stupider or whatever. I also got this one book, “Iron John,” which I was hopin’ would be about a hooker and her robot client, but it wasn’t.

Anyway, I’m doin’ my best, readin’ up, tryinna figure out how come it is the old battleaxe and me can’t see eye-to-eye—and she starts in with this noise about my reading light keepin’ her up too late.

Well! A guy can’t win for losin’!

What I oughta do, is I oughta get my things together and move out. But no, me and the ol’ lady have been through a lot, and I figger that history is worth somethin’. So to keep the domestic peace, I snag myself three of these bookmark lights off the innernet. Lemme tell ya! Best coupla bucks I ever spent.

Supposedly the LED bulbs last for 10,000 hours. Now that’s a lotta readin’—even the way I do it, which is I read for 20 minutes, then konk out with the light still on and it burns the whole eleven hours until I wake up. Still, I guesstimate that I’ll have the whole battle of the sexes thing all figgered out way before my last readin’ light dies. And this is cute: The light is a bookmark too, so I can see where I was in the book when I dozed off.

I gotta say, already things is better around the house. Useda be, the littlest thing would get us to fightin’ like cats an’ dogs. Now, I feel like I’m gettin’ more insights, y’know? And it’s all on accounta my new readin’ lights.

Now, when I feel like I’m gonna lose my temper—like if she nags me about gettin’ a job, or helpin’ out around the house, or wants to know if I’m talkin’ to some girl on the phone—instead of haulin’ off an’ screamin’, I just take a deep breath and say “I love ya mom, but I need a little space right now.” And maybe I go down to the basement and she watches TV and we steer clear of each other for a while.

That’s makin’ progress, you bet!

Warranty: 90 Day Woot Limited Warranty


  • Super bright LED bulb
  • 10,000 hour LED life span
  • Environmentally safe
  • Use it as a book mark and a book light
  • Use it as a bag light - clip it to the inside of a purse or bag and use it to find things in the dark
  • Ready to use out of the package, batteries are already installed
  • Made from ABS Plastic
  • Colors: Silver, blue, black
  • Dimensions (approx): 3.0"H x 2.0"L x 0.63"W

In the box:

  • 3 Thinktank Technology KC90020 Bookmark Lights

Price: $1.99

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