Ranbir and Deepika Get Cosy at a Cinema Hall!  

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Ranbir and Deepika hit a rough patch in their relationship just like every couple. Seemed like they had a tiff over something so to forget things they decided to go for a film.

A source reports an eyewitness account, “An eyewitness says, “It was a late-night show for Marley and Me. The hall had only a handful of people present.

Ranbir and Deepika got the best seats in the house right in the last row in the corner with ample privacy. The couple looked a little distant.

Ranbir was pre-occupied on his phone and Deepika was looking very bored. At some point, they began talking and then made up and made out.

The people who were present at the screening at some point screamed at them to ‘get a room’, which was ignored by Ranbir.”

After the film Ranbir and Deepika made their way to the car park where Ranbir’s brand new Range Rover was waiting with his driver. Ranbir ordered the driver to get on the back seat while he and Deepika sat in the front and made their way towards Bandra.

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