PowerSquid - 2 Pack  

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Total Inventory Lisquidation

”Grab your chum-bucket!” I heard Pa call. “The squids is a-runnin’!”

Heart racing, I pulled on my rubber boots, snatched up my gear, and ran down to the tidal pools to meet him. Oh, the squids were thick as nasty pudding that day. The beach was a glittering carpet of their weird, jiggling bodies. I saw all different kinds: There were Common Five-Legged PowerSquids, Yellow-Tips, even the occasional Great White 1080-Joule Squid. There were qray squids, black squids, squids that climbed on rocks… Basically every species I’d ever seen in the area before, all processing in one nightmarish, writhing exodus to the open water.

“Hurry and bag a few!” Pa said. “I’m snagging ‘em two at a time!” And he was. It was incredible to watch. My father was a natural squid-catcher, descended from countless generations of squid-catchers before him. Somehow his knack, his ancestors’ knack, failed to manifest in me. But even a clumsy child like myself could bag squids under these conditions; they were everywhere, practically climbing into my boots.

We were both hauling them in in pairs, my Pa and me. It wasn’t even possible to select the ones we wanted, or which type. We just hooked whichever of the creatures we could reach and stuffed them into our squid-creels as fast as we could, hopeful that when we finally got home, when we finally had a chance to take a look at what we’d scored, we’d discover at least a couple fine specimens.

Oh. there were so many people on the shore that day! What a scene it was. Everyone wanted to be part of the squid harvest.

After Pa and I both made our hauls, we buckled our creels and stood in silence, side-by-side, to watch the last of the slimy mollusks wriggle and slither out to the open sea. I’d seen squid runs before, sure, dozens, maybe. But this time, I think both Pa and I knew we’d seen something special.

And I think we both suspected we might never see such a run of squids again.

Warranty: 90 Day Philips


  • 5 flexible outlets separate cords that are all adapter spaced accommodate multiple devices without crowding
  • 15 amp circuit breaker, Safeguards against overburdening the surge protector by sensing when the connected equipment is drawing more electricity than the surge protector can handle. It then disconnects from the power, guarding against electrical fires
  • Master on/off switch controls power to the outlets on the surge protector
  • Power indicator light, indicates that the surge protector is drawing power from the AC outlet

Available PowerSquids:

  • Philips SPP1583WA/17 PowerSquid 540 Joules Surge Protector
  • Philips SPS1596WA/17 PowerSquid Power Strip
  • Philips SPP1591WA/17 White PowerSquid 1080 Joules
  • Philips SPP1594WA/17 CX/PH,WH 1080J PowerSquid
  • Power Sentry S10056600103/17 540J PowerSquid
  • Power Sentry S10063100206/17 PowerSquid
  • Power Sentry S10063200203/17 PowerSquid
  • Power Sentry S10056800103/17 540J PowerSquid Surge Protector
  • Power Sentry S10057129106/17 PowerSquid
  • Power Sentry S10062300112/17 PowerSquid
  • Power Sentry S10063200206/17 PowerSquid 5-Outlet

In the box:

  • 2 Randomly Selected PowerSquids

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