Paris Hilton's Gams Take the Grammys  

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Paris Hilton has never been described as demure (that we know of, at least.) But the ultra-mini the socialite wore to Sunday night's Grammy Awards took her status as a short-skirt devotee to a new level. Hilton's Versace dress -- or was it really a top? -- was what our beloved Go Fug Yourself girls might call a "scroll-down fug." We actually love the combination of deep plum and royal purple in the Herve Leger-style harness bodice. But (as often is the case with Ms. Hilton) there is way too much happening from the waist down. As if a green, iridescent skirt covered in purple netting and what appear to be crocheted appliques wasn't busy enough, Ms. Hilton saw it fit to add a sequined clutch, metallic heels and diamond doorknocker earrings to her ensemble. The overall effect? Just a little too human-disco-ball for our liking

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