Create voice notes on your Windows mobile with Recite  

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Recite is one of the projects that Microsoft is developing and seems to be pretty promising for mobile devices running on Windows Mobile OS. This nifty software allows you to create short voice notes / mental notes or remembrance on the run with just a tap.

Now comes the interesting part. How do you search ? No you don’t have to type all you need is to say some phrase which you want to search and you would get an instant result of all the voice notes containing the same phrase. This makes it a complete application which runs totally on voice search. So next time when I need to note down the phone number i just need to say that in it and some text which lets me find the number easy.

Microsoft Recite

I would recommend you to watch this video on Microsoft Recite demo which would give you a clear cut idea on how you can use it and how useful the speech search is. You can download the software use it on your windows mobile right now.

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