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CliqCliq is a young company that consists of a former Google engineer and a designer that has worked with companies like Yahoo and Revolution Health (Brian and Kyle respectively). The first product that has been released by this new team is an iPhone app that goes by the name of cliqcliqColors.

This particular tool enables you to identify the colors in any image that you download or capture using your camera, by giving you the color values of dominant hues. Obviously, such a tool will be of great help to designers everywhere, but the average Joe might put it to good use too. The most immediate use is that of putting together a color palette when he is at his local paint shop, and let the salesman know what he is exactly looking for in the most direct way of all.

The site includes a comprehensive FAQ guide that deals with aspects such as how to work with palettes (editing, saving and mailing them), as well as detailing the future enhancements that are planned. These include support for CMYK and (whenever possible) localizing the product and adding language support.

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