Angelina Jolie Doesn’t Watch Her Own Movies  

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Angelina Jolie admitted in an interview that she doesn’t watch her own movies.What? In fact, Angelina doesn’t like watching movies period. Movies really aren’t her thing. She does, however, like to watch Brad’s films and is rooting for him at this month’s Academy Awards.

While we wish she would’ve elaborated on why she’s so anti-movie, let alone her ownmovies, she instead went on to list her priorities to The Sun. Here it is:

1.) Her millions of children.

2.) Being a “woman” to Brad.

3.) Her charity work.

4.) Lastly, those silly little films she like to make on the side.

HUH? Why doesn’t she quit and take care of her soccer team of children then? Why does she continually sign on to movies where she has to uproot her kids and spend hours and hours away from them.

Something is very wrong with Angelina Jolie. There. I said it.

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