Leaked Police Report Reveals Details Of Chris Brown Rihanna Fight  

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Chris Brown was charged with two felonies in connection with his Feb. 8 altercation with Rihanna. The 19-year-old singer is facing charges of felony assault and making a criminal threat, also a felony. He could face up to four years in prison.

TMZ is reporting that L.A.’s FOX 11 obtained a leaked police report which reveals detectives’ findings from a search warrant in the case. The notes reveal that Rihanna read a three-page text on Chris’ phone from another woman and that’s what started the fight.

Chris is accused of trying to push Rihanna out of the car; he was unable to because she was wearing a seat belt. He then reportedly shoved her head against the passenger side window and began punching her as he drove.

Rihanna’s mouth was filled with blood, which also splattered on her clothing and the inside of the rented Lamborghini. Chris then said, “I’m going to beat the shit out of you when we get home. You wait and see.”

Rihanna then called her assistant and left a message saying, “I am on my way home. Make sure the cops are there when I get there,” Chris replied, “You just did the stupidest thing ever. I’m going to kill you.”

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