Facebook U.K. Help Page Gets Hijacked  

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This afternoon Koen Peeters sent us a screenshot of a modified version of Facebook’s help page which states, “We’ve updated our homepage because we wanted to copy Twitter.com.” Initially I thought the screenshot was fake since the help center page was titled “Help Centre”. We quickly found out that the reason it was spelled that way was because it was visible for those who were using the site under the U.K. version of English.

So how did this happen? Well, we can only think of two ways. First, it could have been someone in Facebook’s U.K. office as there has been other modifications of site pages before. The alternative reason could be that users decided to modify the translated version of Facebook but we aren’t quite sure that it’s possible since the “English (U.K.)” version of Facebook has been available for quite some time.

While I doubt that we’ll ever know who changed this page, it’s definitely slightly embarrassing error. If you want to view the page yourself, you must install the the Facebook Translations application and view the help page using the “English (U.K.)” version. Our guess is that by the time you’ve done this, the error will have been fixed.

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