Hayden Wants Milo Fired from Heroes  

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Hayden Panettiere

On-set romances are great while they last, but things tend to get a little sticky when co-stars break up, which is the case with Hayden Panettiere and Milo Ventimiglia.

New reports suggest Hayden is trying to run her ex off the set of their show Heroes.

According to OK! magazine, Hayden doesn’t even want to be in the same radius as Milo! The magazine reports, “She refuses to be on the set at the same time as him. She is making it difficult for everyone involved.”

Sounds a little immature, didn’t anyone ever tell her she shouldn’t bring her personal problems to the workplace?

The source also tells OK! that Milo is over her childish behavior, and is opting to stay professional. The mag says, “He’s not going to play any games or stoop to her level.”

This is probably just a case of Hayden being 19, and Milo being 31. She’s playing the breakup games that a lot of girls tend to do, and while we don’t necessarily know the details of their break-up, it seems Hayden is mad about something! We hope for Milo’s sake that the producers wouldn’t fire him over something so trite!

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